Yitzchak Wallerstein

913 Grays Lane
in Kemp Mill, just off of
Kemp Mill Road
(301) 681-3737

User fees cannot be paid
via PayPal.
Please mail a check for
user fees to:
POB 1714
Silver Spring, MD 20915


The Mikvah Emunah Society (MES) is operated by a group of dedicated volunteers. We run the Wallerstein Mikvah, and we sponsor educational programs at local shuls. We were one of two major donors helping Young Israel Shomrai Emunah build a community keilim mikvah.

To meet these communal needs, we need the financial help of the entire community, not just those who are regular mikvah users. Providing a safe and comfortable mikvah is costly.

Many of you generously funded the building of the beautiful Wallerstein Mikvah, and we are very, very appreciative of your support. However mikvah user fees fall significantly short of funding day-to-day MES operations. Without community donations we could not operate. The mitzvah of taharat hamishpacha beautifies and sanctifies our entire community, and it requires the financial support of the entire community.

Of course, the most important reason to become an MES Member is to support this vital mitzvah. However certain levels of membership entitle you to added benefits, including discounted or waived mikvah fees. All membership dues are also tax-deductible.

$100 (Student) User fees are waived. Available when both spouses
are full-time students
$125 Regular user fees apply ($20 per visit and $10 for full-time students)
$360 User fees are waived.
$500 User fees are waived.

Membership Levels