Yitzchak Wallerstein

913 Grays Lane
in Kemp Mill, just off of
Kemp Mill Road
(301) 681-3737

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POB 1714
Silver Spring, MD 20915

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Quietly nestled within the Kemp Mill community, the Yitzchak Wallerstein Mikvah opened in 5771/2011. It resembles a home, and blends in well with other nearby homes in the neighborhood. This warm residential feel features prominent gables and rooflines, a welcoming front porch, and faux windows of opaque glass.

The inside of the Mikvah is similarly warm and inviting. Visitors are welcomed in the lobby by a greeter, and a quiet waiting room is available should a preperation room not be available immediately. Separate corridors for arriving and departing guests provide all visitors with privacy.

The Mikvah building houses two mikvaot (including one with a bor al gabay bor) and ten preparation rooms, including one preparation room for brides, one designed to be wheelchair accessible, and another for those with special physical needs. The preparation rooms include showers and tubs, with a large and elegant bridal room available to brides. The mikvaot and preparation rooms are also accessible. In addition, the Mikvah includes a washing station, laundry facilities, office space and storage rooms.

The Mikvah has parking on site as well as additional overflow parking available nearby. The Mikvah is both a private and safe place, with landscaping to enhance privacy, as well as adequate site lighting and walkways to protect the safety of all visitors.


The Wallerstein Mikvah was built with a generous seed grant from the Wallerstein family in memory of Yitzchak Wallerstein z”l, and the support of hundreds of families in the Greater Washington area. A number of pledges for the Mikvah’s construction have not been redeemed, particularly pledges from families that have moved away. If your family did not participate in the original campaign but would like to support the Mikvah, there are still naming opportunities available. Please contact MES President Howie Schulman at drhowies@gmail.com  for more information about making a pledge.